Accessory Trends to Rock This Spring and summer

  • February 25, 2018

Any outfit can look glam and beautiful if you are sporting the right accessories. This spring/summer, several accessory trends will be helping us all look our stylish selves and make a cool fashion statement too. Read on to know which trends will be hot this season.

Baker boy hats

If you haven’t noticed in fashion Instagram feeds yet, baker boy hats are all a rage this season. They will make you look casual and hot at the same time. The classic cap is revisiting your closets this year and is perfect for a day out, a weekend getaway or just a trip to the grocery store. You can wear these hats with distressed jeans, chunkier knit tops and even with a dress. The good thing about them is that they are supremely comfortable and don’t interfere much with your hairstyle as well.

Black berets

This is one of the most feminine and beautiful hacks that you will be getting this season. Beret hats have a more comfortable and relaxed appeal and they can be used with several different styles of outfits, not just the casual ones. Therefore, they are more versatile than the baker boy hats. This season, buy black beret hats and pair them up with any outfit that you own.

Belt bags

For my street-smart ladies, these bags are an absolute must-have. They are stylish, quite unique and very practical as well. Belt bags give you the opportunity to carry whatever you like, without ever worrying about hiding your outfit. They have utility as carry bags and work really good to add a hint of glamor to any ensemble. You can wear them with denims and even dressed. Just find the right bag for every style and you will be ready to rock.

Long shoulder earrings

These big chunky statement pieces are making a comeback this season. The long shoulder earrings can be paired with any dress or even with off-shoulder tops. They look good with boat necks. If you don’t want to use too many accessories in your outfit, then simply get a shoulder length earring and pair them up with only bracelets if you like. They look amazing and even turn the blandest outfits glamorous.

Thigh high boots

These boots will continue to be a rage this season. The boots are quite comfortable and work really well with mini dresses and shorts. You can even pair them up with longer flowy dresses. They look amazing with knit tops, boat neck tops and have a very feminine appeal that can not be matched by any other shoe. This season, the boots will be bright and beautiful and red will be dominating the scene. Make sure that you grab a piece for yourself.

Platform shoes

When do platform shoes ever fail to look ugly? They are glam, give your height a little pump and let you add a hint of personalized style to any ensemble. Wear them if you want to look sporty, casual yet classy.

These were accessory trends that I will be sporting this season too. Try them and let me know if you like them.

Author Bio

Lynn Gunderburger Linn Gunderburger is a fashion blogger from Oslo. Linn is fond of fashion, travels a lot and enjoys taking photos to capture the most beautiful moments in life.