Expensive Shoe Brands That Every Fashionista Wants to Buy

  • October 9, 2017

Shoes are a woman’s first and only love. We don’t love diamonds as much as we love our shoes. In fact, I am quite sure that I will be happy living in a shoe paradise, showing off a brand-new pair of shoes every day. However, this is not always possible. While there are hundreds of shoe brands in the world, there are some that instantly make you fall in love. Today I will talk about the shoe brands that are luxurious, expensive and every fashionista’s dream.

Brian Atwood

There is no brand in the world that matches the bold designs of Brian Atwood. This brand believes that there should never be freedom without a hint of boldness. It doesn’t compromise with this philosophy in any of its productions. Brian Atwood has had a long and successful relationship with Versace. His experience there helped him create a brand that you can’t help but love. It is one of the most unique shoe brands in the luxury segment.

Miu Miu

Don’t let the name fool you- Miu Miu is a brand that is studded in luxury, literally. The name was conceived by Miuccia Prada (now you know the story behind the brand- it’s the family nickname). Miu Miu offers a brand that completely disengages from the sophisticated and minimalistic designs of Prada and brings in a more effervescent and rebellious appeal. The designs are bold, uncompromising and one of the most fascinating ones you will ever come across.

Manolo Blahnik

Everyone loves high heels but they can’t take their love for the towering shoes as far as Manolo Blahnik. He designs all designed with hands till date and brings you some of the most unique and authentic shoes in the world. All the shoes are customized and never mass produced. This is the reason why these shoes are expensive as well. They ooze luxury and offer supreme comfort as well. Even though they are available in a very small quantity, these shoes can be seen on red carpets, movies and runways alike. You will love them for sure.

Walter Steiger

I have a penchant for shoes that look unique and somewhat whacky. When I first saw a Walter Steiger, I knew I had fallen for the beautiful pair. The designs are offbeat, bold and present a highly personalized, stunning blend of unique materials that will definitely make you crave for more. Even the shoe making techniques of this brand are different from the rest. This is one luxury footwear brand that breaks away from the elegance, minimalism and effortless style of other such brands and brings you something completely out of the box.

Of course, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton will always be in this list. What I love about luxury shoes is their styling and their classy designs. Their looks and appeal are timeless and you could always make heads turn when your footwear is right. I firmly believe that what you wear on your feet is as important as what your rest of ensemble.

Which brands do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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Lynn Gunderburger Linn Gunderburger is a fashion blogger from Oslo. Linn is fond of fashion, travels a lot and enjoys taking photos to capture the most beautiful moments in life.