Make Up Hacks for the Everyday Girl

  • June 10, 2017

Makeup techniques are always evolving and so are the tricks to provide you that flawless look with the least effort. I present you some of the more natural and effective makeup hacks to use for a lifetime.

Use petroleum jelly to dodge Mascara clusters

Mascara has been one of the most irritating aspects of eye makeup. Yes, it’s not fun, but petroleum jelly has got us covered. Before putting on mascara, apply a bit of Vaseline over your lashes, and the problem of Mascara clumps will vanish.

The bottom lid demands lighter eyeliner

The most prevalent mistake in eye makeup is the use of single eyeliner for the whole eye. If you have been one of the defaulters, then use lighter eyeliner on your bottom lid to make your eyes pop out. You can also experiment with a nude color to make your eyes appear even bigger. This hack will certainly make you stand out and give an upper hand in casual conversations. For instance, when using black eyeliner in the upper lid, use brown eyeliner to create the striking effect.

Use concealer to prime your lips

You might have never thought about the possibility of using concealer as a primer for your lipstick.  Just apply the concealer on your lips with a wet sponge to enhance its finishing. After applying the concealer put any lip color of your choice. Do not swipe the lipstick over concealer as it makes the color look dull, instead use a lip brush for better results.

Use an invisible lip liner

Although it is always advised to line your lips before applying lipstick, it is better to stick with an invisible wax liner. The specialized lip liners are dedicated to retaining lipstick’s color by preventing feathering. Do not forget to fill in the fine lines to use the invisible wax liner optimally. Fill the rest of the space with a lip liner with a shade that compliments the color of your lipstick.

Use a spoon to create a flawless winged liner.

By holding the stem of the spoon place it alongside the outer corner of your eye, draw a straight line. Flip the spoon upside down, the concave side hugging your cheek, and draw a line adjoining the rounded outer edge to create the perfect winged effect.

Produce your custom lip gloss

Lip-gloss never gets out of stock as you can use loose eyeshadow pigments as your custom made new lip gloss. Just, mix it a bit of petroleum jelly in a spoon and rub it on your lips. You’re done!

Cover dark circles the correct way

We all have been applying a concealer by putting dots of the product on our face, but this method is actually faulty. For best results, apply the concealer in an inverted pyramid shape under your lashline. The shape not only covers the redness around the eyes but makes your face appear more lifted.

Try these tips to instantly upgrade your makeup game and look as amazing as the Instagram models you follow. Do not hesitate in experimenting on your own to develop a personal hack.

Author Bio

Linn Gunderburger is a fashion blogger from Oslo. Linn is fond of fashion, travels a lot and enjoys taking photos to capture the most beautiful moments in life.