Hair Trends of 2018 That Have Fashionistas Drooling

  • January 9, 2018

Hair trends are changing- the plain blonde, straight hair is out of fashion and the world is loving their textured, natural hair more than ever. With the 90s making a comeback in our style closets, the wild hairdos of the past are here to stay. This year will be quite rewarding for people who like natural hair. Check out what your Instagram feed should show off this season.

Dirty blonde

This trend is quickly catching up with the celebs. What 2017 was to platinum hair color, 2018 is to dirty blonde. The idea is to keep the roots of your hair natural brunette and then add warm golden hues through the length. The warmer the gold, the better. The bleach blonde is out of style and light hair, if it is not natural, is completely out of fashion. Dye your hair a darker hue or sport this dirty blonde look to make heads turn.

Natural textured hair

If you have curly hair, congratulations! This is going to be your hair. The trend to use as less hair products as possible and leaving the hair in its natural curvy state is catching up. The kinkier the curl, the better. You need to leave that hair relaxer at the shelf now. Nobody wants it in 2018. In fact, people are embracing the natural style of their hair more than ever. You may not even see many fancy hairstyles this season. Its all about the natural curl in its full glory.


The scrunchies have travelled in time to come all the way from the 90s. This time, they are more colorful than ever and come with several different designs and patterns. If you don’t have scrunchies this season, you are definitely lowering your style quotient. When you don’t want to tie your hair down, wear a headscarf and look granny-chic. This trend has infiltrated some of my favorite Instagram accounts and I must say that it looks awesome.

Big hair days are back

I told you that the 90s are coming back. Well the 80s are coming back too and they are bringing the big blow dry back in vogue. You don’t need any fancy haircut. Just give yourself a big blow dry, add volume to your hair and let it flow naturally. Keep the hair bouncy like you are entering an 80s disco and dancing on ‘Stayin’ Alive’ with John Travolta. Those days are back.

Textured wet hair

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants poker straight hair this year, even when it is wet. Even if you are rocking that wet look, you need to add a natural texture to your hair. It has to look natural, slightly wavy and completely undone. The wet curls will be ruling this season, even on runways.

Schoolgirl plaits

Plaits are easy to make and look classy, youthful and very sleek too. This year, depend on this look often, even with a button-down blouse and skirt and see how everyone gets that schoolgirl vibe from you.

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