Makeup Secrets

Whenever people discover that I work in the fashion industry, I always find myself being asked that inevitable question, “Can you tell me your makeup secrets?” I must admit that I am a huge makeup fan and purchase an extraordinary amount every week! It is this addiction to makeup that I have inevitably discovered some of the best kept makeup secrets as the years have gone by.

Here are just a few of my very own makeup tips and tricks that I would like to share with you all:

Moisturizer Is Your Best Friend!

My most significant makeup bag purchase has got to be on moisturizer. Now. I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t technically makeup, but I would never even think about attempting to apply any makeup without prepping my canvass first, and that must be done using a moisturizer.

In the evenings, once I have removed all my makeup, I tend to use a hand cream moisturizer for my face and neck. This is because these creams are thicker, as the hands need that extra layer of protection being the most used and exposed areas of skin on the body. Therefore, hand cream is rich, and when left on overnight it works harder to ensure you wake with healthier skin.

In the morning, I use a lighter moisturizing cream as a base to hold my makeup longer.

BB Cream is Sometimes Better Than Foundation

I regularly alternate between BB cream and foundation for several reasons. The type of weather that day, how long I will be out during the day for and what I have planned that specific day. I find that foundation is excellent for those all-important meetings and days where you really do need to make an impression and really go to work on your makeup that day.

BB Cream, on the other hand, is a lighter base and works better when the weather is scorching, or if I don’t have such a packed schedule on and I’m not planning on seeing too many people face to face that day! It also works so much better at keeping those tide marks at bay from crisp, clean white shirts, which I can never seem to get away from when wearing foundation.

Bronzing Powder Creates A Healthy Look Instantly

Having only just discovered bronzing powder in the last year, I’m now hooked on it! I currently use a bronzing powder tub of small balls, all glazed with bronzer, which I gently brush with a blusher brush for a few seconds before dabbing over my entire face.

By applying just a small amount of bronzer to areas such as cheekbones, forehead, the tip of the nose area and the chin, you can instantly perk up your overall look, getting that just got back from the beach look in seconds! It is also a great product to refer to if you have been feeling a little run down and subsequently look a bit peaky or pasty in the face.

If you don’t have much time to do your entire face, brush some bronzing power over your face for an instant facelift.

Lip Gloss Often Works Better Than Lipstick

I have a massive addiction to all types of lip gloss! From clear to vibrant colors, sparkled or plain, I use lip gloss every day regardless of how much or little makeup I wear with it! For me, a perfect look is finished off with lip gloss.

Thought I do own and indeed wear lipstick, I always find that it will wear off very quickly and often end up looking clearer on my coffee mug, then on my lips themselves. However, lip gloss not only looks greater for longer and makes your overall makeup seem so much healthier in comparison, it also works to give that impression of more plumped up lips than usual.

With color and type to match every mood and outfit, it is so much easier to keep a lip-gloss in your pocket and reapply it several times a day without the need to be near a mirror, as you would with a lipstick.

Black Is Not the Only Eyeliner Colour

Black eyeliner, though hugely popular and favored by myself also, can also be a safer option which many people choose to stick with. However, look around any good cosmetic counter, and you may now notice various colors of eyeliner on sale.

Black eye liner may be extremely effective for that drastic bold look, but it can also close the eyes making them look smaller in appearance. You can, of course, combat this by use of a white eyeliner which instantly opens the eye area, making them seem more prominent. Nude eyeliner also works on the same principle as white eyeliner. However, with so many different colors to try, why not experiment a little, perhaps matching the color to your outfit for each day?