Posing for a Professional Photo Shoot as a Beginner

  • March 5, 2017

If you want to work as a professional model, you should get acquainted with the basic rules of photography. Creating a stunning portfolio takes time and a deep understanding of how photography works. Don’t wait for the photographer to spoon feed you. Instead, learn the tricks of the game yourself with these simple tips.

Make friends with mirror

The mirror should be a priority in your life. It not only makes you judge your appearance but keeps you true to yourself. You can perfect your poses and learn about your body shape and its best implementation. Gradually you will become more confident as the mirror shows what the camera sees. Practice all your poses in front of the mirror and experiment with several pose possibilities to make the most out of a professional photo shoot. Remember, nobody judges you better than yourself.

The limb to body rule

You should always maintain some distance between your limbs and your body. It is a basic trick applied by every model on the planet. An arm squashing against your body spreads out the fat making you look bulky. Moreover keeping your arms/ legs distant from the body actually makes you look slimmer and taller.  Fat that spreads around your body makes the photograph look less pleasant and can even have a negative impact on your modeling career.

Understand the concept of lighting

In order to prevent a photo-shoot from getting messed up, you should read about the basic concepts of lighting.  It also relaxes the photographer as he does not have to direct you to every move. For instance, if you raise your hand to the light, it will cast a shadow on your body. The shadow can destroy the image, but it can also elevate the photograph’s standards if used logically. The knowledge of lighting will push your career by leaps and bounds. Always ask for your key light and adjust your poses accordingly. In fact, you can also ask for a dummy shot in case you are not confident about the lighting.  Light is often metered to an exact spot, so it’s better to stick to it. If a pose requires you to step closer to the light, ask the crew to re-adjust the lighting.

Some small but helpful cues

Use your dress to the maximum. You can toss a dress and pose within the movement for some genuine and lively shots.

Stay true to your measurements as any false promise can result in harsh criticism. You can accentuate your curves but don’t do it with Photoshop. Maintain a healthy relationship with the photographer which encourages them to put extra effort in your photo-shoot.

Keep your hands loose and fluid to create a natural image. Many times a model becomes stiff due to nervousness or work pressure. Be calm and let your body move freely for a beautiful shot. Also, do not show the back of your hand as it is less appealing than the front.

Do not stop with a single picture. Go the extra mile for creating a stunning photo shoot. Remember, if it comes too easy it’s not worth it.

These tips can transform your photo shoot from average to outstanding. Photography is art, but fashion photography is crafted elegance. Keep these things in mind, and you could look several times better.

Author Bio

Lynn Gunderburger Linn Gunderburger is a fashion blogger from Oslo. Linn is fond of fashion, travels a lot and enjoys taking photos to capture the most beautiful moments in life.