Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Perfume Last All Day

  • January 27, 2019

The pleasure of perfumes can be expensive over time. Make the most of your favourite fragrances by following these tips to preserve the aromas.

  • Know the kind of fragrance you are using

When it comes to perfume, be the best chemist you can be. You need to know some of the details about perfume chemistry when trying to make the most of the scent of a perfume. Above all, there are countless names for fragrances that you have probably heard. The name of a perfume tells you the concentration of each one. For example, an aerosol for the body contains a level of the fragrance of 1%, the rest being water. At the same time, another has an aroma of 5 to 15% and a perfume of 20 to 30%. However, the spray with the highest concentration lasts longer.

  • Store Properly

Keep the fragrance in a cool, dry place, as it is a great way to interact with essential oils making your perfume go stale more quickly. Also, make sure the lid is completely sealed in the bottle at all times. Failure to remove and close the lid from perfume may result in an oxidation of the scent that reduces the odour or creates an unpleasant smell.

  • Apply after shower

The perfect time to apply perfume is when you have finished showering, and your skin is dry. This is important because the fragrance does not stick to a sweaty body. It is also best to make sure that the smell does not get lost in the fabric of your clothes.

  • Spray your brush

Clean it every time you change your hair by gently sprinkling your perfume before brushing your hair in the morning. Here’s a hint: if you use a hairdryer, this trick works even better, as the heat of the dryer spreads faster in your hair. Be careful not to apply the spray directly to the hair: if the perfume is alcohol-based, it may dry your hair.

  • Layer, layer, layer

This is the key to the longevity of the aroma throughout the day. The use of soap, lotion and similarly flavoured perfumes increases the smell of the skin. Not only those but moisturise the skin before applying the aroma. Just remember that moderation is the key: instead of spraying perfume directly on the surface, take the glass at a distance of 10 inches and scatter it to get a perfect intensity of aroma.

  • Bring your perfume with you.

Refresh your perfume during the day without having to carry the bottle in your bag. Spray your perfume with some cotton sweats and put them in your pocket. If you feel that you need a “splash”, take a cotton swab and rub it behind the ears and wrists.

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