What to do when your surgeon doesn’t deliver on their promise?

  • November 6, 2018

Every day, the mainstream media reports on the results of successful plastic surgery procedures. And every day, there are media reports about plastic surgeries gone wrong.

While celebrity patients dominate these reports, many “regular life” patients also take to the internet, the radio or the television to share their stories of botched plastic surgeries.

The truth is, there is an inherent risk that must be acknowledged every time a patient goes under the knife. Yet the vast majority of these risks can be eradicated when you choose a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon.

This article takes a look at your options in the event your surgery results are not to your satisfaction.

Can You Get a Refund for a Plastic Surgery Procedure Gone Wrong?

It is only natural to want a refund when your plastic surgery refund doesn’t turn out according to your expectations.

However, in the vast majority of cases, plastic surgeons do not issue refunds.

Your plastic surgeon should review their policies well before the scheduled date of your procedure so you know what to expect. If you have a concern that your procedure results may not match your expectations, this is definitely something to explore before you have the procedure!

Can You Sue for a Botched Plastic Surgery?

For general purposes, there are many other things to try first before you consider trying to bring a lawsuit against your plastic surgeon.

The best approach is to try to work out some kind of arrangement for a revision with your plastic surgeon. A reputable, board certified plastic surgeon who values patient satisfaction will typically go the extra mile to meet every patient’s expectations and ensure a successful outcome.

If you run into a problem here – unlikely but it can happen – you may be able to seek help from your state medical board or the governing body that issued your surgeon’s certification.

What to Try Before Seeking a Refund or Suing

Some plastic surgery procedures are naturally more or less risky to perform. As well, some patients may have more or fewer complicating factors, including age, personal habits, gender or overall health history.

What this means in the field of plastic surgery is that some patients will naturally heal more rapidly or more cleanly than others. Some patients may start to see partial or full results from their procedure more rapidly, while other patients may experience a delay before they see the full outcome of their surgery.

In addition, every plastic surgeon understands that issues can arise during surgery. Sometimes those issues cannot always be anticipated in advance no matter how meticulous the surgeon is during the consultation and pre-operative preparations.

Responsible, experienced plastic surgeons will typically be as eager as their patients to pursue all means to achieve patient satisfaction. It is important to rule out delayed healing, unrealistic expectations or even body dysmorphic disorder before taking additional measures to address a plastic surgery procedure that didn’t deliver expected results.

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