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This is the area of the Fashion by Linn website where I encourage all visitors to consider submitting their very own blog post! I have met so many wonderful and unique people ever since entering this industry, and I know that there are so many people out there with such expertise and knowledge about everything fashion related.

It, therefore, makes sense to have an area on such a site as this where anyone with a similar passion to mine can share it with the rest of this beautiful online community.

So, if you have been searching for a place to contribute your knowledge to, look no further for your search is over. This is the place for you to write and publish your very own unique blog post, and all by submitting to me directly at the site at

Look through this helpful article for more information to help you get that writing journey started.

Why I Would Like You to Contribute to My Blog

When I first began in the fashion industry I was astounded at the thousands of people, both men and women, who felt that the fashion blogs currently online weren’t really for them. This upset me because I have never considered fashion for the elite but rather for every one of us to take something from. However, it was this very concept that encouraged me to begin this blog.

Therefore, I would love for every one of you taking the time to visit this blog to be able to feel as though you can contribute to its journey, helping your fellow like-minded community members ion the process. Everyone clicking on this blog page wants to read high-quality content written by those who they know to have a genuine interest in fashion.

Topics of Interest for The Fashion by Linn Readers

For many of the visitors to this blog, there are usually several topics of interest which tend to be amongst the most popular. I have therefore composed a list of categories of the better-received subjects which I would be interested in accepting many more blog posts written around. Currently, that list includes the following:

  • Diet
  • Fashion News
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Hairstyles
  • Lifestyle
  • Makeup
  • Photography
  • Shopping
  • Travel

However, as the traffic to this site increases daily, I know that quite soon I will more than likely be adding to this list. I would also be grateful for any of your input into the most requested reading material here, so if you have any suggestions or further ideas that would improve this area, please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss them further.

Who knows, you may just have the next best category suggestion for the Fashion by Linn blog!

Sample Article Titles for Blog Posts

You may be excited about the possibility of writing for this blog, but still as yet not entirely confident about giving it a go. Alternatively, you may still be looking for that very first blog post to start your writing journey, but just need that little bit of a boost to get you on the right track.

These few sample article titles will hopefully give you a much clearer idea of what types of articles visitors to the website are keen to read more about:

  • What Essential Items of Clothing Should I Own?
  • Top Makeup Tips from Industry Experts
  • The Perfect Wardrobe for All Year-Round Use
  • How to Travel but Still Look and Feel Great Throughout the Day

The Possibility to Write and Publish Your Post Here

So, who can write for the Fashion by Linn website? Well, quite simply I am eager to hear from anybody with a passion for fashion. Anyone who is keen to showcase their skills, knowledge or expertise in anything fashion related is more than welcome to submit their blog posts to me here. I’m not looking for the perfect speller or a writer by trade, I am looking for real people with real articles to submit.

You may have your very own fashion style, which you would love to showcase to others. You could have some tips and advice on the latest makeup products in stores. Maybe you want to spread the word and your own point of view on recent fashion news. Or perhaps you want to discuss the advantages of online shopping for new pieces?

Whatever your reason for wanting to pen a blog post, myself and 13,400 unique monthly visitors to the website are just waiting to hear all about it!

Write for my Website and Boost Your Own Passion

Writing for blogs is in high demand these days. It is often for so many the very first steps to beginning on an extraordinary career path. For most that career is writing for various online publications. However, by penning a post for the Fashion by Linn website not only can you look at beginning your very own writing career, but also taking those first small steps into the fashion industry as you do so.

For every person who constructs a blog post for the Fashion by Linn website, I promise to publish the very name of that person pride of place next to the blog post itself. I wouldn’t dream of taking the credit for anybody’s written work, therefore when people click onto your blog post to read its content further, it is your name and your name only that they will see in return.

Additionally, you can also choose to have a social media account mentioned next to your blog post and name, if you would like to. This then means that those reading and enjoying your blog posts content can find out more about you for themselves.

Submit a Guest Post to My Blog with Ease

As soon as you have your blog post written up, all that is left is for you to submit it to the site directly. The easiest way to do this is by emailing me directly at Once I have your completed blog post, I can then work on getting it straight onto the site and published for all visitors to Fashion by Linn to begin reading.