Fashion by Linn

Welcome to Fashion by Linn, a unique fashion blog unlike any other on the web. This is a site dedicated to offering visitors an area to connect with like-minded individuals who have a similar passion for all things fashion related.

Before we begin on our fashion journey together, let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about this blogs creation.

About Me

My name is Linn Gunderburger, and I am originally from the hugely populated and flourishing capital city of Oslo in Norway. I spend my working days as a journalist, traveling the world writing about the exciting world of fashion. This has always been my dream job, ever since my school days and I feel immediately grateful to be able to combine my love for writing, alongside my ultimate passion for fashion and photography.

As a school girl, I believed that this type of industry was not available to people such as myself and that you had to have significant named contacts to get anywhere near it. However, I am living proof that anybody with a passion and a determination to succeed can get far.

My Humble Beginnings

My school days were quite uneventful, educational wise, but outside of school, I was the girl all my friends would turn to for any fashion advice. I was the one who kept them all up-to-date with the latest trends, styles and current lines of clothing for that season. It felt great to be the one who people trusted with such advice, and I guess this was what sparked my desire to try and incorporate such skills into my after-school plans.

At this point, I was also doing very well with my English lessons, so much so that my fantastic English tutor put me forward for the position of Editor on the school’s newspaper. Once I started this role, I was hooked and knew precisely what two career choices I wanted to discuss taking at college.

However, many of you can probably imagine, there isn’t much call for studying fashion trends at college, and several of my tutors advised me to stick with the writing path, and perhaps in time, I could combine the two if I was still keen on following the fashion path. Strangely enough, this decision was probably the best I could have hoped for because it was my writing skills that eventually landed me a place writing for a favorite local fashion magazine, and this enabled me to work further afield with more national fashion house magazines!

A Website Is Born

The idea to begin fashion blogging came purely from the realization that not all current fashion blogs, though hefty in popularity, cater to the everyday person, or the average amongst us. There are so many of us who aren’t involved in the fashion world but, nevertheless, feel that we should still be able to access those very same looks and tips as the people that are included in this industry.

I have noticed through my journalism work that the average woman, and perhaps the average man, don’t always feel as though they are warmly welcomed at such high-ranking fashion blogs, merely because such tips, advice, and content doesn’t reflect them adequality enough. It was this very lack of approachable fashion blogs on the market that I saw a gap and decided I should be the one to do something about it. After all, I too was frustrated at this concept as well.

Hence, Fashion by Linn was born! I want everyone to feel as though they can access fashion, regardless of their day job, personality or shape and size! Therefore, I have created this website with the average person in mind to guide you through the fashion industry step by step, highlighting how accessible it can be for every one of us and not just those elite few.