Working as a journalist and in the thriving fashion industry, I understand the importance of being able to contact people regularly and with ease. I, therefore, strive to ensure that the same is possible on the website of Fashion by Linn.

If you need to get in touch with me for anything related to the site, or even anything else for that matter, I am readily available 24/7 via direct email at

Alternatively, these are a few other ways that you can contact me to get further involved in the website:

Write A Guest Blog Post for Publication on Fashion by Linn

This is a website for all visitors to actively get involved in, and one way to do this is by writing and submitting your very own blog post. I regularly contribute content to the blog area of the site, but I also post as many guest blog posts as I can to keep the site fresh and vibrant, but above all relevant. I love nothing more than seeing the broader community contribute to the website, and I would like to encourage so many more people to submit their writing, so we could all benefit from it.

If you would like to offer some valuable content in the form of a great blog post, take a further look at the Contribute section on the website for more details of how to get started.

Take Out an Advertisement on Fashion by Linn

This is also a website where individuals or businesses can work with me and take out their very own advertisement on the Fashion by Linn website. If you’ve taken the time to look around this site you will notice a selection of ads strategically placed, which all relate in some form to the wider world of the fashion industry.

This advertising space is accessed by those who have products or services which they know to be of great value and interest to the type of visitors who access this website on a regular basis. These advertisers want to attract as much traffic back to their own sites, shops, products or services as possible.

If you would like to take out your own advertising space on this website, look at the Work with Linn section of the site where I discuss in further details the advantages of online advertising, giving more information on how you can access this service.

Provide Essential Feedback on Fashion by Linn

I am always on the lookout for visitor opinions and feedback on the Fashion by Linn website. To me, this website is still a work in progress, no matter how established and successful it currently is. I like to think of the site in a similar way to that of the fashion industry; always evolving and improvising to take account of current trends.

Therefore, everybody’s opinions are greatly received regarding the progress the site is making. Is there an area of the site which you feel could do with improving on? If so, offer me some constructive criticism. Additionally, if there is an area which you really enjoy, I would also love to hear why.

Request My Expertise

You may wish to access my journalist or fashion expertise further. Perhaps there is a project which you would like to discuss in further detail with me, or maybe you would like to arrange a direct collaboration through the Fashion by Linn website?

By working freelance, I have been able to build up a fantastic portfolio, and I have also had the pleasure of working with many brands and well-known customers in the process. Whatever your proposal, get in touch with me directly and we can discuss this in more detail.