My Wardrobe

I have long had a fascination for other people’s wardrobes! Sometimes when I’m on magazine shoots, and we do a tour of the interviewee’s wardrobe, I notice that I cannot help but note down the odd idea to help me when I get back to my own beloved closet.

You see, I’m always on the lookout for that best outfit to add to my wardrobe collection and merely love updating it as a passion. It’s never much of a chore when people ask me to show some of my own photos and tips about what my own wardrobe contains.

The Organization is Key to A Perfect Wardrobe

Okay, I’m not suggesting that your wardrobe should look immaculate and perfect, like something lifted off the glossy pages of a magazine. Instead, it should be ideally organized in some form so that you can not only locate the item that you want to wear every day, but that you can also spend less time on making decisions as it is all laid out in front of you to just place your hands straight on.

Opening those wardrobe doors should not fill you with dread, neither should it involve you shielding yourself from falling objects, which have been casually thrown in and are now waiting for their moment to strike as soon as you open that door!

This is how I currently organize my wardrobe into three easy to manage sections:

A Smart Working Wardrobe Section:

In this section I store all the clothes I intend to wear for work purposes, and that means smart stuff such as suits, including trousers suits, skirt suits, and dress suits. I have a couple of each because these are the main items of clothing I tend to wear most. It is always a good idea to have a variety of them to choose from so you don’t feel as though you are continually wearing that same suit day in and day out!

These suits are also interchangeable as per the weather, so I have a set which is thicker and warmer for those winter months, and then I have set which is made from linen for those summer months. I also have the critical colors in these suits which are black, grey and cream. This way, I have every avenue covered.

Also, in this section is a rail of shirts and blouses which go perfectly with every one of my suits. I have many of these just because they are the ones I need to change regularly and, in some cases, more than once a day if I have been on a particular grueling shoot and need to freshen up my outfit before heading back out again.

I also find more shirts and blouses are better in the wardrobe when traveling, as I don’t have to wait for them all to wash and dry when I get back from my trip, meaning I have many more to hand to begin the week with!

A Casual Relaxing Wardrobe Section:

This section is my kick back, chill out and relax section and consists of what you might expect from a casual part of the wardrobe. Here I have my jeans and slacks alongside my t-shirts and hoodies and various other items of clothing, that I usually keep for wearing outside of work during the week and all over the weekends or holidays, when I have no paid work requiring my attention.

This area of my wardrobe may be organized by item type, but it is slightly more casual in the layout here as I generally prefer to be able to pick and choose and take my time when it comes to selecting my out of work wear. It also depends much on my mood and overall activity when it comes to picking from this section.

A Special Occasion Wardrobe Section:

Finally, an area which I think many of us will have in some shape or form in our wardrobes is the special occasion section. This is where I hold all those clothes which I will only wear on the odd occasion, and usually involves exciting items for the more special of events such as weddings, parties, and shows.

I see no real value in keeping such items molded in with the rest of the wardrobe as for one, they do not fit into either work wear or casual sections and two, they do not then take up additional room in such sections but have their own place.

This is also the section where I keep my coats as they tend to be the bulkier of items with many of them only practical during certain seasons of the year.

Hopefully, you can see from this short article that by simply sectioning off your own wardrobe into easy accessible sections, you take those first steps towards organizing your clothes into a much more manageable area as a result.