A Crisp Guide to Fashion Travel with Ease and Comfort

  • July 27, 2017

Fashion travel is a whole new industry that promises thriving career options for fashion enthusiasts. In order to become a successful fashion travel blogger few things should always be remembered. I will be providing a short guide to some of the mainstays of stylish traveling for a remarkable Instagram account.

Moderation works

In the world of fashion travel simplicity has been the ruler since forever. I will like to apologize if you have an outrageous fashion sense but it certainly does not fit in fashion travelling. The whole world does not work like the US, and you will have to dress according to the area you are traveling to. In most of the eastern countries, exposing skin is not common.

Never hurt their feelings as it can lead you in trouble. Traditional Muslim nations are more concerned about women’s dresses. Be a responsible traveler and respect the sentiments of the people you meet. You are travelling to experience good times rather than for facing resistance from the locals. Always act alert particularly in a religious building. For example- holy bouncers will not let you inside Old Italian buildings if you show up with bare arms, shoulders, and knees.

Prioritize the essentials

A fashion traveler survives with limited resources amidst endless possibilities and uncomfortable situations. Although it turns out to be the beauty of fashion traveling yet you have to always keep some essential products with you.

Being specific, plain T-shirts, cotton trousers, shirts will always work regardless of the situation you are in. They usually come handy when you are on the road, not clicking pictures or visiting a place which demands you to dress plain. You should also carry a large cotton scarf that comfortably covers your entire head, shoulders or any other area which allows sunlight to sneak in.

Skirts’, being a basic dress has numerous benefits which include dressing for social occasions, beating the sun, keeping things light and looking modest. It also assists you in countries where sit down toilets are not a norm. Travelling can lead you away from modern amenities, and a skirt will help you in squatting down easily.

On the other hand, you can visit local markets to tailor some of these basic clothes and save yourself from carrying heavy luggage. Moreover, local vendors will also charge you less money than buying a new shirt from a branded store.

Travelling makes you use the most out of every situation while keeping you happy and satisfied. You do not need luxury clothes to look good. A smart choice of colors and fabric with a pretty smile is enough to make any photo look amazing.  Moreover, only carry those clothes that are specifically required for a location ex- a dress for a formal dinner.

Keep in mind that money management is crucial in fashion traveling. Although you are living your dream yet saving money is a practical and logical aspect of traveling.  Do not imitate any other blogger, write genuine reviews, click beautiful pictures and make a living out of your passion.

Author Bio

Lynn Gunderburger Linn Gunderburger is a fashion blogger from Oslo. Linn is fond of fashion, travels a lot and enjoys taking photos to capture the most beautiful moments in life.