Marc Jacobs Is Engaged and All This Happened in a Chipotle

  • November 21, 2017

Celebrity fashion designer Marc Jacobs got engaged to his boyfriend Charly DeFrancesco yesterday when he proposed to him at a Chipotle. DeFrancesco was surprised by a flash mob and a proposal and he said yes. Jacobs uploaded a video of the entire event on his Instagram and it is giving everyone relationship goals around the world.

The proposal

DeFrancesco and Jacobs stopped by at a Chipotle to grab a burrito bowl last night. As they entered the premises, ‘Kiss’ from Prince started playing in the background and a flash mob broke out instantly. The unsuspecting DeFrancesco believed that he had been in a chance encounter with the mob and even went on to click pictures.

Jacobs found the opportunity to stun his boyfriend as he got down on a knee and proposed to him. Though what Jacobs said is unclear because of the music and noise, he probably popped a ring and said, “Charly DeFrancesco, will you marry me?” Of course, the answer was a yes.

Proposals have been so extravagant for celebrities but not at a casual eatery with a flash mob. It was also DeFrancesco’s birthday and he couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift.

Jacobs later shared the entire encounter on his Instagram, posting a video of the same. He wrote, “And this happened . . . . Thank you everyone for making this happen . . . and to my Ride or Die fiancé @chardefrancesco, I LOVE YOU.”

It is not clear how exactly the relationship began but DeFrancesco was seen in several of Jacobs Instagram photos since December 2015. He is a model and also has a candle business. The 54-year-old designer is said to have a major influence in his fiancé’s life. In an interview with the Daily Front Row, he even admitted that Jacobs has made him love bulky dad sneakers.

“Marc was into them, and he’s never been into sneakers in his life,” he said. “I was like, ‘Those are the ugliest effing sneakers I’ve ever seen.’ Then I got a pair, and I was like, ‘These are the ugliest effing sneakers I’ve ever seen; I need them in every single color.’”

Previously, Jacobs was engaged to entrepreneur Lorenzo Martone but they broke up in 2010. He was then in a relationship with Harry Louis, model and adult film star. The couple broke up in 2013.

DeFrancesco has a successful candle business with two fragrances- Bae and Lit. His candles have celebrity fans, including the likes of Naomi Campbell. Though he grew up in Switzerland and his native language is French, he has studied at the UCLA and started his career as an underwear model. The couple is living in a West Village townhouse and both are often seen partying in Paris, uploading silly videos on Instagram or sporting a MalePolish together.

The details of the marriage have not been released yet but I hope it will be a star-studded affair with the who’s who of the fashion world and the most iconic wedding dresses of all time.

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