How to Remove Hidden Sugars from Your Diet completely

  • March 17, 2018

If you started researching about foods that contained sugar in your diet, you would be surprised to see how this culprit has sneaked around in every food. Whether you are drinking soda or eating processed white bread, you are allowing sugar to enter your system in large quantities. Believe it or not, sugar addiction as bad as cocaine addiction. Sugar can wreck the way your hormones work and make you suffer from diabetes and related health problems too. Don’t forget; it adds to the waistline over time too.

Here are a few ways in which you can cut sugar consumption and make way for a healthier life.

Don’t buy processed food

Processed foods supply so much sugar in your diet that you will eventually have diabetes. These foods are high in salt as well. This is the reason why they are bad for your gut as well as your heart. To eradicate this problem completely, stop buying processed food altogether. It will help you in keeping your body healthy. Buy only fresh food.

Avoid sodas and fancy coffee drinks

Sodas or other carbonated drinks are loaded with sugars. The same is true for coffee that you buy on your way to work. Both these beverages can make you sick over time. If you are thirsty, drink nothing but water. Nothing hydrates your system like cold water. It also contributes to keeping you healthy and helping you lose weight. You could cut down more than 300 calories from your diet you remove a liter of cola from your diet. Imagine what could happen if you stopped drinking it altogether.

Choose fresh whole foods

Fruits are naturally rich in sugars, called fructose. While it is not bad for your health, it should only be eaten in moderate quantities. Fruits contain several other nutrients as well. Therefore, making them a part of your daily diet is also essential. Some people drink fruit juices instead of eating whole foods. This removes most of the nutrition and fiber from the diet and gives you most of the fruit’s sugars. Therefore, you must make sure that you choose only whole fruits. Prefer not to have them in any other form.

Avoid anything flavored

The stores are chocked full of protein powders, yogurts, etc. that are flavored with different types of sugars and harmful chemicals. No matter what you are buying, avoid the ‘flavored’ variety and stick to the plain version. Protein powders that are flavored are doing more harm than good to your body. Additionally, flavored yogurts are dumping more sugar in your body than expected. Instead, buy plain yogurt and flavor with natural fruit or honey.

Make sauces and dressings at home

Whether you are making a tomato sauce or a salsa dip at home, you will find a fresher, more delicious flavor and keep yourself healthy as well. These sauces, when store-bought, can add unnecessary sugars to your diet. Yes, even spicy sauces you buy at the store contain sugars.

These are some of the ways in which you can stay healthy and remove harmful quantities of sugars from your diet. Once you follow all these rules, you will start noticing a change immediately.

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